Total Thermal Vision

Total Thermal Vision

Total Thermal Vision


The evolution in industrial technologies together with a particular attention to product and environmental quality, has pushed the R&D area of Motultech-Baraldi to extend the research activity to applicative aspects of chemical products.
TOTAL THERMAL VISION –  TTV technology, which has been conceived thanks to this intuition, has revolutionized the retroaction methods of die lubrication and has allowed Motultech-Baraldi to develop its high chemical application know-how.


TTV is an infrared vision technology, to monitor the thermal map of the die surface in real time.  Conceived by Motultech-Baraldi and well established in the field, TTV technology is the ideal instrument to increase quality and efficiency in the die casting process, also in case of high production rates. 

Motultech-Baraldi and Marposs, worldwide leader in high precision equipment for measurement and control in production lines for mechanical industry, who has acquired TTV, signed a partnership agreement for the development and diffusion of the TTV technology in the light alloy die casting field. With this agreement, two specialists in this sector, offer adequate solutions to the most demanding targets worldwide, assuring everywhere and at the same time a complete pre- and after-sales service, combining the exact measurement of the surface temperature with the best application of release agents on die casting dies.


Skilled technicians will reply to after sales service requirements and will help customers in the use and maintenance of the TTV equipment.

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