Bologna, 24th May 2019

MOTULtech BARALDI is glad to announce the release of the new version 3.5.1 of the software ICAST LUBE ANALYZER™, for the optimization of die lubrication process in High Pressure Die Casting. 

ICAST LUBE ANALYZER™ is an indispensable tool for a correct analysis of the die lubrication cycles and their optimization. 

The new software version is now available on a permanent license. The license can be downloaded from our website and installed on multiple PCs. The license is activated by means of a dongle key that can be inserted into the USB port of the computer you intend to use at that time.


Software description

With the acquisition of thermal images, stored by TOTAL THERMAL VISION® of Marposs, with ICAST LUBE ANALYZER™ it is possible to deeply analyse the temperature distribution on the die surface, before and after lubrication. You can analyse production data referring to days, weeks or months, study the temperature trends in a dynamic way displaying them as a video or in different 2D or 3D modes.  You can set up to 10 different die surface areas and analyse the “DELTA T” generated by the lubrication cycle for each single area, as well as the trend over time. With the data analysis, you can select the most suitable release agent of the BARALDI CASTING TTV LINE® in order to optimize the lubrication process. All the data can be exported in .csv format for further elaboration with Excel. With the “DMX mode” is possible scan the data matrix code of a single castings and load in the software all the temperature data of that part. This can be very useful when quality issues are present. Finally, the analysis and optimization process can be documented with reports automatically generated by the software and exported in pdf format.  


Installation requirements

- Windows 7 or Windows 10 x32/x64.

- Intel Core Duo processor

- 4 Gb RAM


Type of Licence

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