Baraldi celebrates the first 100 years at Metef 2017

Baraldi celebrates the first 100 years at Metef 2017, receiving the Innovation Award in the category of Processes:

"For the new concept of an integrated approach, aimed at the optimization of the die-casting lubrication process, through the combined use of hardware, software and specific products that allows to get better control over the quality and the productivity of the process."

An opportunity and an important showcase for a moment full of meanings:

• One hundred years of History behind, which represent the best guarantee for a constant attitude to research and development of increasingly advanced lubrication technologies for the HPDC process.

• Our new proposal "HPDC Die Lubricants Optimization" (see the dedicated section on our website) has indeed met a rewarding response and approval from many stakeholders.

• The partnership with Marposs Group for the development and diffusion of TTV (Total Thermal Vision), technology for real-time monitoring of the thermal map of the die, has confirmed our best expectations.

We would like to thank all the visitors who have shared this important celebration with us. It will be impossible for all of us to celebrate the next centenary, but in MotulTech Baraldi we are already working on this...