After Euroguss 2014

After Euroguss 2014

After Euroguss 2014

From 14 to 16, January 2014


At EUROGUSS 2014 we presented "Total Thermal Vision Dual Head" (TTV-DH) for its world premiere.

The new system is able to monitor on-process the thermal dynamism of both parts of the die, before and after the lubrication cycle.

Together  with the new CASTING TTV line, a range of lubricants and release agents developed "thanks to and for"  TTV, the innovations introduced at Euroguss 2014 and the high level of interest shown by professionals, lead us to say that in the field of lubrication "THE FUTURE IS TODAY" !!


Monitoring temperatures on-process, with the image taken before lubrication it is able to show “where and how to lubricate”, while with the image taken after lubrication it confirms immediately if this operation has been effective.

TTV DH gives immediate advantages:

  • surface temperature homogenizing with benefits in terms of cycle time,
  • regulation of lubricant and release agent consumption as well as waste water quantity,
  • medium-term advantages with know how improvement (internal thermoregulation management, information about internal die circuit, kind of application system, kind of nozzles, distance, pressures, angles, average die lifetime),
  • if definitively installed, it becomes a “Quality Assurer” providing a thermal document interfaceable with other documents concerning the casting (traceability).
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