After EUROGUSS 2010

After EUROGUSS 2010

After EUROGUSS 2010

3 February 2010

Dear Sirs,

first of all we would like to thank you for your visit to our stand, where we hope our staff has been exhaustive enough giving you all the required information.

EUROGUSS 2010 was for us an important opportunity to introduce following topics to the foundry world:

Multidisciplinary approach to optimize chemicals and lubricants in the whole production chain of aluminium parts.

New version of the on-process die surface temperature control and measurement system, which is now more compact and easy to install and to use.

The last technological frontier is going to be abolished: thanks to the control of the whole thermal dynamism of the die with wide field sensors.

The interest you have shown us and the need for a continuous innovation of Products and Processes, represents for us a constant challenge.

Therefore we will follow up the subjects emerged during Euroguss 2010 as soon as possible.

In the meantime we would be glad to welcome you at the International Exhibition Metef 2010, in Montichiari (BS), ITALY, on 14th-17th of April 2010, where we’ll present, amongst other things, the final result of the Total Thermal Vision Technology.


Baraldi lubrificanti s.r.l.
Managing Director
Mr. Luca Baraldi