Baraldi Motultech and Enginsoft signed a technological cooperation agreement

Baraldi Motultech and Enginsoft signed a technological cooperation agreement

Baraldi Motultech and Enginsoft signed a technological cooperation agreement

11 January 2010

Baraldi Motultech, a reference brand in development and production of release agents for the light alloy diecasting sector and Enginsoft, a solid Italian company with great tradition in the field of virtual experimentation  and CAE, have signed a technical cooperation agreement to integrate and further develop their technologies. 

The lubrication cycle in diecasting represents today the technological frontier with the highest potential development content and that’s the reason why the two companies decided to share know-how and experiences.

The applied chemistry with innovative management and control systems such as Smart Lubrication System on one side, and fluid dynamics, thermal and structural simulation software such as  Magmasoft and Ansys,  as well as process parameter optimization software such as modeFRONTIER on the other one, will represent an innovative basis to solve problems and find solutions to the more and more complex technological applications that foundry processes are requiring today.   

Baraldi Motultech

Baraldi-MotulTech is the result of a cooperation born in 2006 between Baraldi lubrificanti, established  in 1917, and Motul group, established in 1853.  Baraldi, which produces and sells special lubricants since 1970 with a particular focus on the diecasting and extrusion sectors, joined  MotulTech, the division of Motul group specialized in the field of technical lubricants  for  metalworking and heat treatment, lubricants with deterging properties, as well as special lubricants  for extreme conditions. Today, the organization born from the partnership of these two companies operates on an international level and is able to respond rapidly and effectively to the challenges of increasingly competitive markets.


EnginSoft was established in 1984 from the convergence of initiatives and competences in the fields of CAE, virtual experimentation, process simulation and, more generally, of computer science oriented to optimize design and production processes.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary competences in the specific technologies, which are a distinctive feature of the company, EnginSoft can propose itself as a unique partner considering the wide range of issues connected with CAE and virtual experimentation, both concerning the use of standard software and the development of tailor-made solutions. For information: