MotulTech-Baraldi, a division of the Motul group, specializes in researching and producing a full range of lubricants and systems designed for efficient application in the die casting and light alloy extrusion sectors.

Our aim is to provide effective solutions which meet the needs of customers and professionals involved in day-to-day operations in the aluminium industry. To do this, MotulTech-Baraldi adopts a technical and scientific approach called the "Aluminium Way", which aims at the continual optimization of industrial processes.

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We wish to convey our sincere thanks to all the visitors. See you at China Die Casting 2018 !


Baraldi celebrates the first 100 years at Metef 2017, receiving the Innovation Award in the category of Processes:

"For the new concept of an integrated approach, aimed at the optimization of the die-casting lubrication process, through the combined use of hardware, software and specific products that allows to get better control over the quality and the productivity of the process."


Motultech-Baraldi, division of the Motul Group, specializing in research and production of a full range of lubricants and systems for applications in high pressure die casting (HPDC), and Marposs, worldwide leader in high precision measuring and production control equipment, signed a partnership agreement for the further development of TTV (Total Thermal Vision). Marposs will lead the future of TTV technology which provides real-time monitoring of HPDC die thermal maps. 

Ankiros 2016 - Istanbul

Thank you for visiting us at Ankiros 2016 fair (Istanbul – 29th September / 1st October).

It was our chance to present  also to the Turkish market  the New TTV Control Unit which, together with the new products CASTING TTV Line, represents our proposal for the optimization of the processes.

With our local Partner LMA MOTIF AL.DÖK.SAN.MÜM.LTD.STI.   we aim to serve this market that continues to evolve and expand.

Exhibition in Kielce

- We thank all visitors and participants from the exhibition in Kielce - Poland for the time and effort. We have been happy to be part of the exhibition and to share our experience and knowledge in the world of High Pressure Die Casting with our lubricant products (our CASTING TTV LINE and many more...) and also our TOTAL THERMAL VISION technology. We are every time pleased to be partner of our customers and all who are interested, to chare our approach to challenges the market offers. We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon on the next exhibition or at your foundry. -

CNF 2016 SHANGHAI - Invitation

MotulTech-Baraldi and High-Tech (Shanghai) Trading are pleased to announce their participation at the "CHINA NONFERROUS ALLOYS CASTING & SPECIAL EXHIBITION" that will be held in Shanghai, at the New International Expo Centre from 12th to 14th July 2016, in conjunction with the " CHINA DIECASTING 2016 ".